Welcome to Chakraview: CODERUN '22

Code Run is a 48-hour hackathon organized by GDSC Avantika University. Join us for our flagship tech event and submit your hacks to get a chance to nab the exciting prizes that we have lined up for you. The event will start on 23rd September 2022, and you will get 48 hours to submit your solutions. So hurry up and click on the devfolio button to register.


Coderun is a tech sprint where participants can prove their coding, design as well as critical thinking abilities

Data: 23th September 2022

Time: 10:00 AM


  • Their are no restrictions in terms of the theme.
  • Deadline to Register: 24th September 2022, 23:59 IST
  • Teams must be comprised of 1-3 people.
  • Please treat all other hackers with the utmost respect. We ask that you act kindly, behave professionally, and do not insult or put down other attendees.
  • Please treat our sponsors and organizers with the utmost respect.



  • To Be Announced

1st Runner Up

  • To Be Announced

2nd Runner Up

  • To Be Announced
  • During the hackathon, Polygon (formerly Matic) will award a cash prize of Rs.10000 to the best hack built on top of Ethereum.
  • Teams who include Polygon into their hacks will receive a larger prize money (Rs.15000), as well as eligibility for internship/full-time position interviews and a potential to secure seed financing of up to 5000 USD!
  • 20,000 INR for the most effective usage of IPFS and/or Filecoin